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Business Project students presented their ideas to QVC Japan staff.

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On 10 December 2015, students enrolled in the College of Business’ “Business Project” course presented business strategies to the executives at QVC Japan.  These presentations were the fruits of a semester’s research and preparation; the project formally began in October when Mr. Masahiko Sakuda, Senior Manager in Finance & Strategy at QVC Japan, challenged the students to develop a growth strategy for the company.

The plan required students to develop a long-term growth strategy.  Each team needed to address three major concerns. First, they needed to evaluate the current trends in the industry.  Second, they needed to identify how QVC could expand its growth.  Finally, they needed to develop an effective strategy to help QVC implement their recommendations.

The class was divided into five teams and asked to meet these goals through a 10-minute presentation and short business proposal outlining their strategy. To prepare for these, each team submitted weekly reports focused on specific aspects of the client-specific requirements; the course was designed to let each team employ the knowledge they had acquired in other courses in the Department of International Business while introducing them to advanced strategies of delivering their ideas in English, both in terms of presentation and writing.

All five teams presented to members of the Finance & Strategy team. In addition to Mr. Sakuda, Mr. Eiji Unosawa, Manager, and Mr. Mr. Kenichi Kobayashi, Advanced Analytics, also viewed the presentation.  They will provide feedback on the presentation, giving students an opportunity to further refine their business and presentation skills.

Two teams additionally presented their ideas to QVC Japan corporate executives. The Leadership Team consisted of John Thomas, CEO at the time of the presentation; Mike Fitzharris, current CEO; Bill Concello, Senior Vice President of Commerce Platforms; John O’Neill, Vice President of Broadcast Technology & JP Engineering; and Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Vice President of AP Human Resources

“Business Project” is the final course students take in the BBL Program; it is a small, project-based class that asks students to apply their academic studies in business to real-world contexts through collaboration with established companies and start-up ventures.  The course is conducted entirely in English and is open to third- and fourth-year students, as well as international exchange students.  The fall semester class consisted of 20 students, with 15 international exchange students working with 5 students matriculated in the Department of Global Business at Rikkyo.

                                                                                                                       Written by Douglas Schules




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