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EAP 2 Classes Take Part in Presentation Competition

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To wrap up the “Globalization and Business” module, English for Academic Purposes 2 (EAP 2) students took part in a friendly presentation competition on July 11, 2014. One representative team from each of the four EAP 2 sections assembled to present on their company’s globalization strategies and recommendations for future growth. Students conducted in-depth research on their company’s background, products and services, work conditions, business practices, CSR activities, and competitors to analyze the strengths and weaknesses associated with entering the global marketplace.

EAP 2 instructors Gene Thompson, Nerys Rees, Irina Babanova and Melanie Czarnecki acted as judges for the competition. All teams did a great job representing their classes and the judges had a difficult decision to make since they clearly put in much time and effort to deliver informative and professional presentations.
While all teams were winners in the eyes of the judges, after careful deliberation, the strongest teams were selected. In the first class, the “Uniqlo” team of Arisa Iga, Deng Zhuojing, Momoko Kato, and Ryota Otsuki were chosen. In the second class, the judges’ votes were split which resulted in a tie. “The Body Shop” team of Maki Kawarabayashi, Risa Kurihara, Ranna Ogawa, and Yuki Yamada shared the honor together with the “Samsung” team of Ayaka Sato, Daisuke Tsuruoka, Hidenobu Sakurai, Mayu Suzuki, and Saya Iida. Congratulations to all the EAP 2 students for their hard work throughout the semester!
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Report by Melanie Czarnecki


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